CSI Ranger Training in Samburu/Isiolo and Amboseli, Kenya

The training was carried out over a duration of 6 days (3 days in each conservancy) using a mixture of lectures and practical sessions, delivered by an investigator, prosectutor and forensic scientist. This time the training targeted 45 trainees from Samburu/Isiolo and Amboseli. A mixture of 24 community scouts and Save the Elephants personnel were trained in Samburu/Isiolo and 21 Big Life Foundation scouts were trained in Amboseli. 

The trainees were once again trained on how to use the Wildlife Traxx Consultancy forensic bags with an emphasis on DNA collection, as well as the drafting of charge sheets and exhibit memo forms to ensure a better chain of custody is followed. 

To date we have trained 86 personnel including KWS, community scouts and private conservation scouts and have had a number of forensic bags already entering the KWS forensic and genetics laboratory with DNA evidence.